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George Staab has been a long-time member of the local NWTF and Quail Forever Chapter Committees.

* Served six years as the Banquet Chairman of the New Salem Longbeards Chapter in Illinois, George also served five years as a member of the Scholarship Committee. Formed in 1999, the New Salem Longbeards have received the coveted "Five-Star" NWTF Chapter award for the past seven years, and has also received the annual NWTF "Golden Gobbler" award for their past 6 banquets.

George also was instrumental in creating the chapter's annual "Operation Matchup" youth hunt event, which creates an educational experience for the young hunters while matching them up with local farm landowners and experienced hunting guides drawn from the chapter membership. This project has drawn national attention for providing a successful hunting experience for aspiring young hunters drawn from non-hunting or single-parent families.

* As a previous committee member of the local Prairie Rockets Chapter of Quail Forever, George contributed his real estate and farming expertise to the local community as the chapter's Habitat Committee chairman.

* As a Life Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA,) George is a strong supporter of protecting the 2nd Amendment and advancing Pro-Hunting issues.

* George has also served both Christ and the local area community as an usher and board member at the Calvary Temple church for over 25 years.


Call George at 217-416-0049

Banquet Chairman George Staab and a lucky raffle winner at a New Salem Longbeards banquet

NWTF scholarship presentation

NWTF Banquet Photos

Photo of corn field with farm in background

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